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A Rare Breed Indeed:

Albino White Fish 

Caught by Jim Mauritz

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A non-profit 501(c)(7) fishing club dedicated to seniors throughout Southern California and elsewhere who enjoy fishing.
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Ocean Whitefish, Caulolatilus princeps: The Ocean Whitefish is characterized by its overall light blue-grey appearance, and long anal and dorsal fins that maintain their width throughout their length. The anal and dorsal fins have a yellow line and a white line at their margins and the pectoral fins have strong yellow and blue components (as pictured below). Their mouths end well before the eyes. There is a dark pit below and in front of the eyes that is brown in coloration, and at times there is a dark blotch on the gill covers. The caudal fin is yellow and concave.

The Ocean Whitefish is easily confused with Hubb’s Tilefish, Canlolatilus hubbsi(which has a large mouth, thick fleshy lips, a blunt straight caudal fin, and a black spot at the base of the pectoral fin), and the Pacific Golden-Eye Tilefish,Canlolatilus affinis (a less forked caudal fin and a yellow stripe below and in front of the eye).

The Ocean Whitefish is a member of the Malacanthidae Family which are also known as Tilefishes and Blanquillos. 

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