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Oceanside Senior Anglers 

A non-profit 501(c)(7) fishing club dedicated to seniors throughout Southern California and elsewhere who enjoy fishing.
To find out more about our club and activities that include many chartered fishing trips, social events and meetings, plus our community outreach programs, Anglers 4 Military, Anglers 4 Kids and Anglers 4 Scouts, conservation programs and more ... click on the tabs above ...   

Veterans4 Fishing

Anglers4 Military

Fish of the Month

2 Club Records Fall on 1 Trip 

Anglers4 Scouts

Anglers4 Kids

2016 Program Completed

​We reached 4700 Scouts with our Equipment Program this season

Four Kids Trips Completed in 2016

​We took 120 Kids Fishing this Season

Upcoming Events

Recent Club News

(10/15) Seabirds and Plastic (Conservation)

(10/11) Limit Style Sept Fishing (CM Mueller) (Fish'n News)

(09/14) Tough Tuna Day (CM Maurtiz) (Fish'n News)

(09/08) Inshore Report (CM Mcintire) (Fish'n News)

(09/01) Big Tuna Bonanza (CM Ruble) (Fish'n News)

(08/25) 1/2 Day Report (CM Capistran) (Fish'n News)

(08/23) Chubasco-Pronto Shootout (Report in Process

(08/23) Offshore 2.5 Report (Report in Process)

(08/14) Nados Produces Full Bags (Fish'n News)

(08/02) 1/2 Day Scores on Bass (Fish'n News)

(07/23) Anglers4Kids Trip 3 Report (Community Programs)

(07/23) 1.5 Day Tuna Trip Report (Fish'n News)

(07/23) 2 Day SCI Trip Report (Fish'n News)

(06/27) 3.5 Day Report (Fish'n News)

(06/27) Research Article on Bluefin (Conservation) 

(06/08) Cow Cod Cowboys Tagging Trip (Conservation)

​​(05/07) SCI Gives up Bounty (Fish'n News)
(04/24) Yellows Hammer Team Goddard (Fish'n News)
(03/25)  Irish Gig Picnic (Activities)
(02/29) Colnett Yellows Wear Out Anglers (Fish'n News)

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Sights & Sounds of Summer

Next General Meeting: November 1

Next Board Meeting: October 25

Next Social Event, Oct 27 Octoberfest

Next Charters: OCT 16-20, Edd Robinison

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Updated October 15, 2016

Future "OSA" Angler

Owen Sullivan who fished on one of our Kids trips this summer came to the Sept. meeting to explain how he felt about ocean fishing, conservation and having fun. Fred Kaczmarek, Kids program chair takes it all in. Owens parents are stationed at Camp Pendleton. 

Community Outreach Programs

​​​​Got Tuna?

Three Military Trips Completedin 2016

We took 90 Military Men & Women Fishing this Season

Randy Brown with 94lb BFT (above)

Larry Cusack with 74lb YFT (below)