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(Miles and Miles of Mono)
Link to: OSA Monofilament Recycling Totals
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OSA as recycled 23.77 miles of line since the program began in 2014
Recent Club News
(03/27) Link to Charter Video: Invicta Trip.mp4
(02/28)  Drift Gill Net & Long Line letter to PMFC (Letter & Net Map) 
(02/19)  Cortes Bank Tuna Trip Report (Report) & (Pics)
(11/14)  Shrimp Boil Picnic is a Big Success (Report)
(10/16)  Yellowtail Tagging Project (Report)
(10/15)  Tuna-Combo Trip Lights up Scoreboard (Report & Pics)
(10/06)  Greek Picnic Gold Medal Success (Report)
(09/30)  Sequence of Reviving Black Seabass (Report & Pics)
(09/28)  September to Remember 2.5 Day (Report) and (Pictures)
(09/18)   Lock Jaw Hits 1.5 Day (Report) and (Photos)
(09/16)   Letter sent to Fish & Game Commission (Link to Letter)
(09/06)   Italian Fest Picnic (Report)
(09/05)   OSA donates rod/reels to Wounded Warrior (Report)
   OSA letter responds to Bluefin Closure (Link to Letter)
(09/05)   Dorado Show on 1.5 Day Report and Photos
(08/29)   2.5 Day Offshore Tuna Report and Photos
(08/27)  "We Got Fish" Picnic Report
(08/22)   Fishing in the Rain Pays Off Report & Photos
(08/18)   Castros Camp Report & Photos
(08/13)   Wounded Warrior Trip 3 Report & Photos
(08/09)   OSA Fisherwomen Put on a Clinic Report & Pics
(08/02)   Silent Auction Picnic Report
(07/27)   Tuna Grounds 1.5 Day Report
(07/18)   Blue Fin Entertain OSA Anglers Report & Photos
200+ Calico's on Pronto 3/4 Day Report 
(07/03)   Wounded Warrior Trip #2 Report 
(07/03)   Wounded Warriors Catch Tagged Bass (Map of Where)
(07/01)   Fishing "Super Lines" OSA article
(06/26)   "June Tuna" Icebreaker Report & Photos
(06/25)   Calico Cowboys Support Science Report & Photos

How Big is that Calico Bass? (Graph and Info)

OSA had many highlights in 2014. One notable trip was our support of Calico Bass Tagging. The goal of the project is to understand the Calico Biomass in SoCal coastal habitats. OSA anglers caught and tagged 600 fish on this science trip. (see full report on conservation page)
OSA Calico Cowboys: Supporting Scripps Institute of Oceanography  Coastal Bass Tagging Project, June 26, 2014

  • Oceanside Senior Anglers, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(7) fishing club dedicated to seniors throughout Southern California and elsewhere who enjoy fishing.

  • To find out more about our club and activities that include many chartered fishing trips, picnics and meetings, plus Kids & Wounded Warrior fishing trips, conservation programs and more ... click on the tabs above ...                                                                                                                      

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