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(04/18) Windy Weather Changes Fishing Destination (Report) (Pics)
(03/30) Castros Camp Trip (Report)
(03/27) Link to Charter Video: Invicta Trip.mp4
(02/28)  Drift Gill Net & Long Line letter to PMFC (Letter & Net Map) 
(02/19)  Cortes Bank Tuna Trip Report (Report) & (Pics)

Big Fish of 2015 (Class I)

Bruce Rudoplh takes Big Fish Honors for 2015. A Beautiful 50lb BFT, Well Done Bruce.

Fish of The Summer (Class II)
The Four Skinnies
Four Lucky OSA Anglers with Nice Wahoo caught on a 6 day.

John DeWitt, Bo Bolender, Larry Cusack & Randy Brown 

Two Fish Limit for BFT Enforceable July 30th
The final rule reduces the daily bag limit from 10 fish per day to 2 fish per day in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) off California, and establishes filleting-at-sea requirements for any tuna species in the U.S. EEZ south of Point Conception, Santa Barbara County. These regulations are issued under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act

The final rule will be published in the U.S. Federal Register on July 28, 2015, and will become effective (enforceable) on July 30, 2015

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife will be issuing conforming regulations covering state waters to ensure state and federal consistency.  

New Filleting rules are on Fish'n News Page
Effective November 2015....Mexico BFT Limit now set at 2 per day.

See 2016 Mexico Sportfishing Limits on Fish'n News Page 
  • Oceanside Senior Anglers, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(7) fishing club dedicated to seniors throughout Southern California and elsewhere who enjoy fishing.

  • To find out more about our club and activities that include many chartered fishing trips, picnics and meetings, plus Kids & Wounded Warrior fishing trips, conservation programs and more ... click on the tabs above ...                                                                                                                      

Anglers 4 Kids
"Old Kids Helping Young Kids"
The Anglers 4 Kids program directors are in the planning phase for our yearly Kids Trips program for 2016.

We are again looking forward to another year of instructional fun fishing trips for Kids located in our North County locale.

Our initial efforts are to obtain financial assistance and vendor pricing support. For many years OSA has provided instructional fun trips for over 2300 kids, many for the very first time.

Continuation of this program provides a very positive community service for many young people. OSA members will be asked again to help in supporting this program as we progress. 

Fred Kaczmarek & John DeWitt, Anglers 4 Kids Program Directors

Anglers 4 Scouts

Refurbished Rod and Reels for Boy Scouts
A BIG shout out to Ed Dennis for his maintenance & Ken Harrison for helping out with the BSA Fishing Merit Badge Program 

Troop 2000 contributed a check that will go towards our Anglers 4 Scouts fishing trips. Thank you scouts.

Anglers 4 Military
Supporting the Men & Women of the United States Armed Forces

During the OSA General Meeting on 4 August 2015, the Escondido Rotary Club once again donated a check to us in support of our Anglers 4 Military program.  This marks the 9th consecutive year that the Escondido Rotarians have partnered with OSA to co-sponsor one of our annual fishing trips for the local military men and women.

Rotarian and long time member of OSA, Ron Parker, (c) above presented a $1500 check to Club President Gerry Graf (r) and OSA Anglers 4 Military Program Director, Kris Thorsten (l).

The following day 5 Rotarians attended and supported our Anglers 4 Military fishing trip aboard the Pacific Star out of Seaforth Landing.

We extend our deep gratitude and appreciation to this fine organization for their contributions and support of the Oceanside Senior Anglers.

(Miles & Miles of Mono)
Link to: OSA Monofilament Recycling Totals
Bring Your Used Line to Club Meetings

OSA has recycled 89.04 miles of line since the program began in 2014
Turn your OLD LINE into Fish Condo's
Like the one Below

Keep Your Old Line Out of Landfills and Waterways.

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