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A non-profit 501(c)(7) fishing club dedicated to seniors throughout Southern California and elsewhere who enjoy fishing.
To find out more about our club and activities that include many chartered fishing trips, social events and meetings, plus our community outreach programs, Anglers 4 Military, Anglers 4 Kids and Anglers 4 Scouts, conservation programs and more ... click on the tabs above ...   

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2016 -Fish of the Year

​94 lb BFT

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2016 Program Completed

​We reached 4700 Scouts with our Equipment Program this season

Four Kids Trips Completed in 2016

​We took 120 Kids Fishing this Season

A few pictures of 2016 fishing, events and meetings. Check out the Fish'n news for the 2017 charter schedule. Sign up early to ensure your spots. Our Program Director is accepting sign-ups for our Fred Hall booth, March 23-26th

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Updated January 9, 2017

John DeWitt & I wish to thank all of our Club Members participating and supporting our 2016 Anglers 4 Kids fishing & educational program. We again achieved providing four 3/4 day trips on Capt. Joe’s Sea Star, for a total of 117 kids that really created a lot of excitement, education and bunch of fun catching our local  Calico’s, Sand Bass, Barracuda, White Sea Bass, including a huge Black Sea Bass and a variety of other species. Our Angler 4 Kids program continues to be successful due to the many members and friends donations.  In addition, a special acknowledgement receiving financial support  from the San Diego Fish & Wildlife Commission ($2.500.00) and ($1,500.00) from one of our members Ester Sanchez.
Recently, John and I met with the San Diego Fish & Wildlife Commissioners identifying our Anglers 4 kids program experiences and continued financial needs and support. The Commissioners continue to support our program, but they stated the ability to provide financial support is based on how much money is developed by the state court judicial system and significant ( Poaching Dollar Fines) are assessed during each year. That is where the revenue is developed.
We anticipate having a successful Anglers 4 Kids program during the 2017 summer season and will continue to pursue program support.
John & I  wish everyone a very Happy & Healthy  2017 NEW YEAR.

Anglers 4 Kids Program Directors thank membership for their support in 2016

Community Outreach Programs

Three Military Trips Completedin 2016

We took 90 Military Men & Women Fishing this Season