Kelp paddy Yellowtail & then the Blue fin

moved in. The Old Guys had to practice the 

"Senior Tuna Shuffle"

​Jack Pot: Ron Casapulla 30lb BFT

Peter Rohrich CM -  May Pac Voy Report

Jack Pots:

Peter Rorich 33lb BFT

Bruce Rudolph 12 YT

Great Trip, fishing both offshore and inshore.

2016 Big Fish of the Year - Randy Brown 94lb BFT

2016 Jack Pot Winners

Brenda Mcqueen 17lb Ling

​Hector Lopez 32lb YT

Steve Long 27lb YT

Pete Rohrich 11lb Ling

Day 1 J. Eghaneyan 17lb YT Day 2 J. Mauritz 33.5lb YT -New Club Record

B Shuster 17lb YT

B. Rudoplh 6.4lb Sheephead

E. Robinsom 17 YT

(Pronto) Bo Bolender 4.7lb Calico & (Chusbasco) J Imbiorsky 2lb Barrie

Jan Dauss 6lb Sheephead

Randy Brown 94lb BFT -New Club Record

K. Kissinger 44.3lb Yellowfin

Day 1-Cusack 86lb BFT, Day 2 Bolender/Brown Tie 38lb YFT, ​Day 3- Brown 14lb YFT

The YFT record was broken twice in 2016, Larry Cusack broke the record with a 74 lb YFT in Sept and Larry Brown broke the record in Oct with a 76 lb'r.....The 10 year old Mahi-Mahi Record was broken by Don Bailey with a 25 lb'r and the Yellowtail record was broken by Jim Mauritz with a 33 1/2 lb'r

** Side Trip Reports** 

​​(Pictures posted in Gallery Section)

Ed Dennis CM -  June Pac Voy Report

Edd Robinson 2 day Offshore June 16-18 2017 -Pacific Star

Great weather and limits of Calico action on this one. By the picture (opposite) Bobby Garcia likes catching toads.

​**  Past Trips **

Bobby Garcia with a Fatso Calico

Fish'n News and Other Fish'n Stuff Below Charter Schedule 

Great Friends - Great Trips

Tim Johnson/Jim Maurtiz -  July 10th Chubasco II Report

John DeWitt 3/4 day "BassaThon July 26 - Chubasco

Lets See...Bonita, Thresher, Black Seabass, Yellowtail, Calicos and Tons of fun

Tough Sledding on this outing. Cold green water cut the chase down to just a few..

2017 -Club Trip Updates

Line Ripp'n, Rod Bend'n & Drag Scream'n Proof that Your Never to Old to Go Fish'n with your Friends

​​​​Oceanside Senior Anglers

Southern California's Largest Senior Angling Club

Welcome to "OurFishSite"

Art LoganCM -  June Chubasco II Report

Lots of action on this one. Doug Reeser with potential big fish of the year and Ed Dennis with JP 25lb YT

**  Remember OSA anglers, if you hand-off for assistance the fish will not qualify for JP, such was the case 

when Doug needed a breather. The big BFT took 3 hours to kand....Well done Doug. **

Edd Robinson 2.5 Day Aug 28-31.....Pacific Star

Report Forthcoming...........

WOW !!!!!

Limit style YellowTail  with Yellowfin on the troll....flat calm and even snagged a baby Wahoo

Oceanside Senior Anglers 2017 - Charter Schedule

 Gerry Graf - Head Charter Master - 619-857-1635

Peter Rohrich - Assistant Charter Master

Updated Sept 9, 2017

DatesDayDepartTypeLocationBoatLandingCMLoadCostOpen SpotsJack Pot


25-276pm1.5RCDominatorPt. Loma

P. Rohrich



T. Johnson 17.1 YT


5-76pm1.5 RCPacVoySeaforth

Hal Reeser


20270FullR. Casapulla 30 BFT


Peter Rohrich



Day 1 P Rohrich 33lb BFT

Day 2 B. Rudoplh 12lb YT

30-June 16pmComboPacVoySeaforth

Ed Dennis


20430FullEd Dennis - 25lb YT
June138am3/4InshoreChubascoMission Bay

Art Logan


1595FullVic Balaker 5.5 lb Calico
27-296pm1.5 OffshoreVoyagerSeaforth

Steve Ford



Don Smedley -18 lb YT

July108am3/4InshoreChubascoMission Bay

Tim Johnson


1595FullRon Casapulla - 7lb YT


Edd Robinson



Day 1 A. Underwood 25 lb YT

​Day 2 R. Pfaff 25lb YT

268am3/4InshoreChubascoMission Bay

John Dewitt


1595FullBill Vogel 3 lb Bonito
August 88am3/4InshoreChubascoMission Bay

Mike McIntire


1595FullLarrry Cusack 2lb Tootsie Roll

238am3/4 InshoreChubascoMissionBay

John Dewitt


1595FullJohn DeWitt 20lb YT


Edd Robinson



Day 1 The Swede 24lb YT

Day 2 T Johnson 23lb YT

Sept76amFull Day Inshore/OffshoreChubascoMission BayStu Muller
15121 Full


6pm2.5 OffshorePacStarSeaforth

Lee Mueller




Peter Rohrich



Mike McIngtire 3/4 day August 8th Inshore- Chubasco

Stu Miller 3/4 Coronado Island Sept 7 2017

Steve Ford 1.5 day Offshore June 27-29, 2017 Voyager

Report Forthcoming...........

The water pump broke and the big didn't bite.....Sounds like a Fisherman Tales doesn't it!

Over 200 Calico caught with 50 keepers. Sunny Sky's and Sunburned Faces hammer checker sides.

John DeWitt 3/4 day  August Fish'n Frenzy August 23 - Chubasco

Hal ReeserCM -  April Pac Voy Report

Lots of Calico action on this one. Over 200 Calico's caught with 70 keeps. Top Stick Honors went to Victor Balaker with a 5 1/2 lb Calico. (Pictures to follow in next months mewsletter)