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The first trip of the 2016 season for OSA Anglers for Kids was held on June 28, 2016.  Under overcast skies and calm seas, the Kids Fishing Program got off to an exciting and fun filled day that kids and adults will remember for years to come.  The trip was comprised of 15 kids and two councilors from Melba Bishop Rec. Center in Oceanside and thirteen Kids and two councilors from Pro Kids, also from Oceanside.
The OSA Angler staff for the day was George Ruble on the camera and assisting kids, Manny Ontiveros, Paula and Tim Johnson, Ed Dennis, Ron Casapulla, and John DeWitt as program co-chair.  Co-chair Fred Kaczmarek oversaw duties prior to departure and after docking.  
The fishing for the day was continuously productive throughout the entire trip.  The groups had about half conventional outfits and half spinning rods.  The target species was Calico Bass. A flylined sardine was the most productive catch method.  Everyone on board caught at least three or four Calicos numbering around 150 total with the young anglers nailing 24 keepers over the 14-inch limit.  Numerous fish in the 13, to just under 14, inches were caught also.  
To add to the day’s excitement three large Yellowtail were caught and lost to the kelp.  One of the yellows completely spooled the spinning reel of the dazed angler.  In addition, three small White Sea Bass were caught and released.
The usual meal of hot dogs, chips and a sodas was eagerly consumed by the whole group with only one or two kids showing signs of motion sickness that limited their appetite.
The OSA Anglers on the trip were truly an All Star group that not only were great mentors for the kids but outstanding ambassadors for our club.  They worked from the time they stepped on board until all the tackle was cleaned, line was run out and checked, and equipment was disassembled and bundled. 
At the beginning of the trip, I asked all of the kids to remember our most important rule and that is we’re here to have fun”.  When asked at the end of the trip if they did have fun and they replied in a resounding “YEEEES”! It was really unnecessary to ask them because anyone on board that day could see this was a very special day for the kids.  Their smiles throughout the day and their constant level of excitement wrote the final chapter for this trip.  This is truly what this program is all about.  Many thanks to Kris Thorsten and Pete Rohrich for their significant effort that made it possible to have sufficient tackle for the entire group. 
John DeWitt

The fourth and final trip of Oceanside Senior Anglers 4 Kids was the result of aligning common interests to achieve a common goal.  A forth Anglers 4 Kids trip was not originally in the 2016 budget, however new member Esther Sanchez shared THE common thread with OSA of giving Kids a step up though a Sportfishing experience.  Her contribution as a funding source enabled 17 kids to experience something very exciting and new. 
The trip began with the normal orientation to the Project REACH Youth Development Group, from Oceanside’s Balderrama Park.  Councilwomen Sanchez was able to attend the morning orientation which allowed everyone to show their appreciation for her considerable roll in the trip.  
The usual stop at the bait barge resulted in a bad omen for the days fishing.  There was only large Mackerel in the receiver. Undaunted Captain Joe set out for the day’s destination, the kelp beds off Carlsbad’s Taramar Beach with a small supply of Sardines and squid for bait. 
Early fishing results aligned with reports that the targeted Calico Bass were getting tougher to get. Later in the trip everyone began to wonder if this forth trip might be the only slow fishing of an otherwise fabulous summer. The few sardines in the bait tanks were retained and squid was the only bait given out.  This was proven to be a very wise move as the trip progressed.
Slowly the momentum began to change with single hookups of small Calicos, with no legals.  As the day progressed single hookups gave way to multiples, and an occasional keeper.  By the days end the bass came to the surface.  At this time the remaining Sardines were brought out and the bite erupted. By days’ end 23 beautiful Calicos and a large Sheepshead would become table fare for the 17 Kids on board.
The days OSA representatives were Manny Ontiveros, Ken Harrison, Lee Wood, Ed Dennis, Ron Parker, Steve Ford and Co-Chairs Fred Kaczmarek and John DeWitt.  This trip allowed for a greater Kids to OSA member ratio.  The resulting interaction enhanced not only the fishing knowledge but shortened the gap between fishing experience and age.  By the end of the trip it was apparent all aboard could just be themselves and enjoy this wonderful day, which was made possible by common interests and a love of Kids and Community.
Co-Chairs Fred Kaczmerak and John DeWitt


Trip Three, July 19, 2016

Trip number three of Anglers-4-Kids turned out to be an extra special experience for a very special group of Marine Dependents from Camp Pendleton it wasn’t just that it was comprised of extraordinarily exuberant and intelligent youngsters but they were so tuned in to the experience their enthusiasm was magnified by their total involvement.  Club members sharing this epic day were Manny Ontiveros, Marshall Goddard, Rob Nelson, Ken Harrison, Kelly Kissinger, Jeff Routsong, Don Smedley and Co-chairs John DeWitt and Fred Kaczmarek.

After the usual check in and orientation by Captain Joe the Sea Star was pointed north in search of Calico Bass.  A couple of minor detours were negotiated to give the kids an up close and personal look at the snoozing seals outside the Harbor and a large pod of Dolphins just north of the harbor.

The fishing area was a kelp forest well north of the harbor and fishing and catching began immediately after the anchor was set.  The first bait in the water was consumed by a hungry Calico and steady action prevailed throughout the day.  Most of the youngsters had never been aboard a Sportfisher or done any type of fishing but all adapted to the techniques and operation of the tackle and bait.  Sardines cast away from the boat brought almost instant action for the neophytes.  The steady action captivated and elevated their enthusiasm to a level that really required constant bait and release assistance from their Senior Angler Hosts, the deckhands, and Captain Joe.  Lunch of hotdogs, chips and soda was ignored by some and rushed by many to maximize their fishing time.

Just when the kids thought they had seen all there was to Sportfishing two kids hooked into something very large.  We all thought it was one of the Home Guard Yellowtail that we have seen smoke us on previous trips. After a long battle and final assistance from Deckhand Kane and Captain Joe, a Black Sea Bass over 100 pounds popped to the surface.  All the kids got a close look at the monster bass and Captain Joe and crew performed a successful release.  This event truly put the exclamation mark on a day that was perfect in every way.

While riding in some of the OSA members thought this was the type of day these kids truly deserved for being a part of a Military lifestyle that can be comprised of duties that take them too many places, and moves that tear apart friendships and disrupt what most kids take for granted.  We were all proud to be the hands on OSA members that carried the torch for our entire club and in some small way let these kids know that they are special and we were proud to be a part of making this incredible day a reality.

Fred Kaczmarek and John DeWitt Co-Chairs


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Girl Scouts & Boy Scouts Thank OSA and Okuma

This year the Anglers 4 Kid’s program provided five 3/4 day trips out of Ocean Side Harbor during the summer months on board Capt. Joe’s Sea Star.  Having Fun and Excitement was part of the action for 128 participating Kid’s from North County neighborhoods and  organizations. These included Oceanside Boys & Girls Club, Melba Bishop Recreation Center, Vista Community Clinic, Boy Scout Troop 721 and Boy Scout Troop 784, Boys & girls Cub of Vista, Pro –Kids The 1st. Tee of Oceanside and Camp Pendleton Armed Services Y.M.C.A. The other excitement part of the of each trip was catching many different species. They included Sheephead, Bonito, Mackerel, Sand Bass, Calico Bass, White Sea Bass, Halibut, Sculpin, Rock fish and Barracuda. There were some big fish hook-ups that were either Large White Sea Bass or Yellow Tail but failed to bring on board.  All Kid’s & Supervisors on board enjoyed a catch & release of two large Black Sea Bass, a Leopard Shark and one Bat-Ray. All Kid’s went home learning more about how to catch fish, keeping legal & releasing under size fish, proper use of fishing tackle, on board safety & fishing  activity, including conservation of the ocean and habitant. Each trip ended with a quick review of the trip, distributing legal fish caught, a O.S.A. Let’s Go Fishing Booklet and a O.S.A. 2017 Year Trophy to each individual Kid identifying they are all “ WINNERS.” Many of the Kid’s participating had fun and excitement participating in ocean fishing for the very 1st. time.

 We wish to acknowledge the following members that assisted in making the five Anglers 4 Kid’s trips  fun and exciting for all. They include Ken Harrison, Ron Sharp, Artie Mosgofian, Dennis Jung, Ray Wilkerson, Mike Springer, Jerry Auerbach, Ed Dennis, Deek Takas, Paul Addison, George Ruble, Wayne Kotow, Paula & Tim Johnson, Mike Mercardo, Hal Reeser, Dan Onteverous, and Manny Onteverous.

Thank you..Fred Kaczmarek & John Dewitt
All of our programs would not succeed without the support of our full membership and our Board of Directors. We appreciate your present & continued support.

June 2017 Dedication of Okuma Donated Fresh Water Fishing Poles to Girl Scouts at Camp Winacka

Anglers4 Scouts

OSA Donations at Dec. 2016 Meeting

Our Anglers4Kids Fishing Trip program is in place to provide local area children an opportunity to go saltwater fishing on a boat and experience firsthand the joys of this type of fishing—something that some of these kids may never otherwise have the opportunity to do.

OSA has been providing fishing trips for kids for over 20 years. The program has reached  thousands of children over the years. Our club is dedicated to providing a safe, fun and educational experience for the kids.
In 2017 OSA is running four trips out of Oceanside Harbor landing on the Seastar, skippered by Captain Joe Cacciola. The one day trips are fully sponsored and paid for by the club. Club members provide donations and volunteer their time so that kids ages 6 to 15 are able to have the opportunity and experience of ocean fishing, many for the very first time. On the trip the kids are provided with information on proper boat procedures, ocean safety, rod & reel training, live bait handling, legal size fish (keepers) & limits, clean ocean environment protection, and very importantly ocean conservation education. On these trips we further provide meals, soft drinks, and a trophy to each kid which identifies all kids as winners and provides a remembrance of their trip experience.

The majority of kids we sponsor are from North County Boys & Girls Clubs located in Oceanside, Vista, San Dieguito, Carlsbad, Escondido, Poway and Ramona. Additionally we set aside trips for kids from Camp Pendleton YMCA along with summer camps from Escondido, San Marcos, and Vista. Many of these youngsters are from single parent households, and it is with pride that the club gives the opportunity to young children to realize the pleasure of open sea fishing, an appreciation of the marine environment, the value of conservation, and the great joy that nature presents.

The Oceanside Senior Anglers motto is ...

"Fish & Play The Senior Angler Way"
and the Oceanside Senior Anglers Kids Trip motto is … "Old Kids Helping Young Kids"

Fred Kaczmarek, Chairman
John Dewitt, Co-Chairman


Our Anglers4Scouts program helps support the San Diego - Imperial Council, Boy Scouts of America. Our program provides fresh and saltwater tackle that is used by the scouts at Camp Fiesta Island and the Mataguay Scout Ranch. The summer fishing programs help the scouts earn merit badges, including fishing, cooking and conservation.

OSA members directly support the scouts by providing not only rods and reels but instructional classes teaching the camp summer staff how to maintain the donated equipment, knot tying and casting techniques. 

OSA began supporting the scout program in 2011.

Program Chairs - Ken Harrison and Ed Dennis

June 20th, 2016 Dedication of Berkley Donated Fresh Water Fishing Poles at Mataguay Scout Ranch

Anglers4 Kids

Anglers4 Kids

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2017 Program Reports & Updates

Our Anglers4Military Program serves to recognize and support our military “Wounded Warriors” and local veterans who have suffered injuries while serving our country.

To accomplish our goals, we raise funds at the Fred Hall Show and Harbor Days along with donations from many club members. Since 2007, we have taken over 400 wounded veterans out fishing for a day.
Our Heroes come from the Camp Pendleton Wounded Warrior Battalion, the 32nd Street Naval Medical Detachment in San Diego, and Balboa Naval Hospital.  
We charter boats from the Seaforth Landing and Point Loma Sportfishing Landing in San Diego, facilitated by the kindness of the boat owners/operators. 
There are absolutely no costs for those who attend.  They are furnished with everything that they need for the day, including food, water and sodas, fishing license, and equipment. Depending on donations, our goal this year is to again offer Wounded Warrior trips to our Veterans. The OSA commitment is to show, in some small way, our thanks and appreciation for their sacrifices and to honor our country’s HEROES.
Jim Mauritz, Program Chairman


OSA Donations at Dec. 2017 Meeting

Anglers4 Kids

Our First trip was highly memorable and rewarding. The weather could not have been any better which
caused no problems for the Troops in negotiating around the boat. All were quick to learn the tuna shuffle
and we rarely had any noticeable tangles. We had a superb number of military veterans on board, 21
in total which was more than we have had in several years. My thanks to Tony Azares and Jim Mauritz
for their efforts in providing additional Veterans to go along with those I had secured. We launched
from Seaforth Landing aboard the Pacific Star approximately 0800 hours and began to search the coastline
for Calico and Yellowtail. The morning proved to be very taxing for crew and OSA members as we
were unable to locate anything that was willing to bite. By lunch time, we had a total count of only three
fish causing me to wonder how I was going to provide three jackpot prizes. However, that soon changed
after lunch. The bite finally opened and the troops began to catch fish, many calico in the keeper size,
several Bonito, Barricuda, and bottom fish including one nice Lingcod. In all, we kept close to 40 fish.
OSA assistants were once again invaluable in their expertise and guidance. Many thanks to Jim Mautitz,
Peter Rohrich, Edd Robinson, John Tester. They truly made this a seamless operation.

Anglers4 Military

Anglers4 Kids

Anglers4 Kids

Anglers4 Military

2016 Program Reports & Updates