2018 - Charter Schedule

 Jim Mauritz - Head Charter Master - 760-450-7060

Updated Feb 22, 2018

DatesDayDepart TypeLocationBoat Landing CM Load  Cost   Spots Jack Pot / Comments


17-19 WTHF6pm1.5ColonetRelentlessH&M


R. Browm Vermillion (wt ??)


28-2 WTHF6pm1.5Cortez BankRelentlessH&MJ. Mauritz 760-450-706016290FULL

March20 T10am-3pm1/2InshoreElectraHelgrensJ. Mauritz 760-450-70603033FULL

April16-18 MTW6pm1.5Bonda BankRelentlessH&ME. Robinson 760-433-1165163207Visa & Passport Required

May14-16 MTW6pm1.5San NicolasRelentlessH&MJ. Mauritz 760-450-7060162902

June4-87pm3.5Rock-CodTBDTBDJ. Mauritz 760-450-7060185903MTWTHF

19 T10am1/2InshoreSea TrekHelgrens

M. Goddard 760-473-3307


July10-12 TWTH7PM1.5OffshoreTBDTBDJ. Mauritz 760-450-7060214309Memorial Trip with Phenix Rods

17 T7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensD. Takacs 949-456-116618755

23-25 MTW7pm1.5OffshoreTBDTBDT Johnson 760-295-95592042913

31 T7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensJ DeWitt 760-650-5390245615Econo

Aug1-2 WTH7pmO/NOffshoreTBDTBDC Bentley 909-921-18552026412

No Dinner

9 TH7am3/4InshoreSeaTrekHelgrensJ. Mauritz 760-450-7060
245618Youth Trip

13-15 MTW7pm1.5OffshoreTBDTBDEd Dennis 714-531-86002042912

21 T7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensV Capistran 760-421-8146187510

27-307pm2.5OffshoreTBDTBDP Rohrich 760-305-7444205918MTWTH

Sept5-7 WTHF7pm1.5OffshoreTBDTBDEdd Robinson 760-433-11652142915


11 T10am1/2InshoreSea Trek HelgrensJ Porter 760-726-1320244722Econo

17-19 MTW7pm1.5OffshoreTBDTBDL Mueller 714-321-77992042912

24 M7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensT Johnson 760-295-9559187515

26-27 WTH7pmO/NOffshoreTBDTBDJ Porter 760-726-13202026416No Dinner

Oct3 W7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensM Ontiveros 559-776-8835187516

14-187pm3.5ComboTBDTBDJ. Mauritz 760-450-7060

2017 Big Fish of the Year - Peter Rohrich 33 BFT

2017 Jack Pot Winners

Tim Johnson  17.1 YT

​Ron Casapulla 30 lb BFT

Peter Rohrich Day 1 33lb BFT ---  Bruce Rudolph Day 2 12 YT

Ed Dennis 25 YT

Vic Balaker 5.5 Calico

Don Smedley 18lb YT

Ron Casapulla 7lb YT

Andy Underwood Day 1 25YT --- R Pfaff Day 1 25lb YT

Bill Vogel 3lb Bonito

Larry Cusack 2lb "Tootsie Roll"

John Dewitt 20 YT

The Swede Day 1 24lb YT ---Tim Johnson Day 2 23lb YT

Larry Cusack  Very Small Bonito​​​

Hal Reeser Day 1 25.8 YT --- Kim Gilbert Day 2 23lb Dorado

Jim Maurtiz Day1 25.8 YT --- John Monyque Day 1 12 Boney ---Edd Robinson Day 3 13lb Dorado

Hal Reeser 16lb Ling

Overall a fun and safe year fishing off SoCal....Stand by for 2018

​​​Fish'n News and Other Fish'n Stuff  

2017 -Club Trip HighLights

Line Ripp'n, Rod Bend'n & Drag Scream'n Proof that Your Never to Old to Go Fish'n with your Friends

2016 Big Fish of the Year - Randy Brown 94lb BFT

2016 Jack Pot Winners

Brenda Mcqueen 17lb Ling

​Hector Lopez 32lb YT

Steve Long 27lb YT

Pete Rohrich 11lb Ling

Day 1 J. Eghaneyan 17lb YT Day 2 J. Mauritz 33.5lb YT -New Club Record

B Shuster 17lb YT

B. Rudoplh 6.4lb Sheephead

E. Robinsom 17 YT

(Pronto) Bo Bolender 4.7lb Calico & (Chusbasco) J Imbiorsky 2lb Barrie

Jan Dauss 6lb Sheephead

Randy Brown 94lb BFT -New Club Record

K. Kissinger 44.3lb Yellowfin

Day 1-Cusack 86lb BFT, Day 2 Bolender/Brown Tie 38lb YFT, ​Day 3- Brown 14lb YFT​​​

The YFT record was broken twice in 2016, Larry Cusack broke the record with a 74 lb YFT in Sept and Larry Brown broke the record in Oct with a 76 lb'r.....The 10 year old Mahi-Mahi Record was broken by Don Bailey with a 25 lb'r and the Yellowtail record was broken by Jim Mauritz with a 33 1/2 lb'r

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