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2016 Big Fish of the Year - Randy Brown 94lb BFT

2016 Jack Pot Winners

Brenda Mcqueen 17lb Ling

​Hector Lopez 32lb YT

Steve Long 27lb YT

Pete Rohrich 11lb Ling

Day 1 J. Eghaneyan 17lb YT Day 2 J. Mauritz 33.5lb YT -New Club Record

B Shuster 17lb YT

B. Rudoplh 6.4lb Sheephead

E. Robinsom 17 YT

(Pronto) Bo Bolender 4.7lb Calico & (Chusbasco) J Imbiorsky 2lb Barrie

Jan Dauss 6lb Sheephead

Randy Brown 94lb BFT -New Club Record

K. Kissinger 44.3lb Yellowfin

Day 1-Cusack 86lb BFT, Day 2 Bolender/Brown Tie 38lb YFT, ​Day 3- Brown 14lb YFT​​​

The YFT record was broken twice in 2016, Larry Cusack broke the record with a 74 lb YFT in Sept and Larry Brown broke the record in Oct with a 76 lb'r.....The 10 year old Mahi-Mahi Record was broken by Don Bailey with a 25 lb'r and the Yellowtail record was broken by Jim Mauritz with a 33 1/2 lb'r

Mike Spitz 245lb BFT

2017 Big Fish of the Year - Peter Rohrich 33 BFT

2017 Jack Pot Winners

Tim Johnson  17.1 YT

​Ron Casapulla 30 lb BFT

Peter Rohrich Day 1 33lb BFT ---  Bruce Rudolph Day 2 12 YT

Ed Dennis 25 YT

Vic Balaker 5.5 Calico

Don Smedley 18lb YT

Ron Casapulla 7lb YT

Andy Underwood Day 1 25YT --- R Pfaff Day 1 25lb YT

Bill Vogel 3lb Bonito

Larry Cusack 2lb "Tootsie Roll"

John Dewitt 20 YT

The Swede Day 1 24lb YT ---Tim Johnson Day 2 23lb YT

Larry Cusack  Very Small Bonito​​​

Hal Reeser Day 1 25.8 YT --- Kim Gilbert Day 2 23lb Dorado

Jim Maurtiz Day1 25.8 YT --- John Monyque Day 1 12 Boney ---Edd Robinson Day 3 13lb Dorado

Hal Reeser 16lb Ling

Overall a fun and safe year fishing off SoCal....Stand by for 2018

The line now appeared smaller
To his tired old eyes.
His fingers were now shaking
When he tied on his flies.

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2018 - Charter Schedule

 Jim Mauritz - Head Charter Master - 760-450-7060

Dates Day Depart Type LocationBoat Landing CM Load  Cost   Spots Jack Pot / Comments


17-19 WTHF6pm1.5ColonetRelentlessH&M

CM Report


R. Browm Vermillion (wt ??)


28-2 WTHF6pm1.5Cortez BankRelentlessH&MCM Report
16290FULLD Reeser 6lb White Fish

March20 T10am-3pm1/2InshoreElectraHelgrensCM Report
3033FULLP Rohrich -  Salmon Grouper

April16-18 MTW6pm1.5Bonda BankRelentlessH&MCM Report16320FULLCancelled (Weather)

May14-16 MTW6pm1.5San NicolasRelentlessH&MTrip Cancelled16290FULL​Cancelled (Boat)

June4-85pm3.5Rock-CodChief22nd StCM Report
19590FULLSee CM Report

19 T7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrens

CM Report

1875FULLSee CM Report

July2-4 MTW6pm1.5OffshoreRelentlessH&MCM Report13395FULLSee CM Report

17 T7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensCM Report1875FULLSee CM Report

23-25 MTW8pm1.5OffshoreJig StrikeH&MCM Report15393FULLSee CM Report

31 T7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensCM Report2456FULLSee CM Report

Aug4-5 S-SU10pmO/NOffshoreVoyagerSeaforth
CM Report15264FULL

See CM Report

9 TH7am3/4InshoreSeaTrekHelgrensCM Report
2456FULLSee CM Report (Youth Trip)

15-17 WTHF6pm1.5OffshoreO95HelgrensCM Report23400FULLSee CM Report

21 T7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensCM Report1875FULLSee CM Report

27-309pm2.5OffshoreO95HelgrensP Rohrich 760-305-744422583FULLNo Report

Sept5-7 WTHF6pm1.5OffshoreO95HelgrensCM Report

See CM Report

11 T7am-4pm3/4InshoreSea Trek HelgrensJ Porter 760-726-132018751Waiting for Report

16-17-18-196pm2.5OffshoreO95HelgrensL Mueller 714-321-779922583FULLWaiting for Report

24 M7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensJ. Mauritz 760-450-706018751Waiting for Report

26-27 WTH8pmO/NOffshoreJig StrikeH&MJ Porter 760-726-132015262FULLWaiting for Report

Oct3 W7am3/4InshoreSea TrekHelgrensM Ontiveros 559-776-8835187513Waiting for Report

14-187pm3.5ComboPoseidonSeaforthJ. Mauritz 760-450-7060
207008Waiting for Report
Dec56pm1.5RCRelentlessH&MJ. Mauritz 760-450-7060

Ed Dennis 221lb BFT

The Old Fisherman
By Kris Thorsten